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(Neck, Front Shoulder & Head Massage included)

Are you looking for a short escape your busy life routine? Our Facial Treatment is the right package for you!

Our Facial Treatment offers skin purification for your face. It promotes the vitality and elasticity of your skin to bring you that youthful facial glow. Our facial product uses micro delivery technology whereby the ingredients are broken down into its finest form. This technology allows the deepest layer of your skin to absorb nutrients efficiently, and effectively hydrates and moisturises your skin. After the session, you will leave the Facial Treatment with your skin feeling recharged.

Here at Kaizen Massage, we practice the traditional technique of Facial Treatment where skin health is our main focus. Come and experience our Facial Treatment in 10 steps!

Hydrating   ⎜  Face Lift massage  ⎜ Vitality


Deep Tissue
Oil Massage

Do you engage in highly physical activities or suffer from chronic pain and stiffness? If yes, you can give our Deep Tissue Oil Massage a try.

To reach the deep layers of your muscle tissue, our skilled therapists will first warm up your muscles by using stroking and kneading movements before increasing pressure on your problem areas. For a smooth relaxing touch on your skin, we will use oil during massage. It is normal to feel pain during treatment. Please inform us of your pain threshold, so we can work within your comfort zone.


Has it ever crossed your mind to try acupuncture but you are not comfortable with needles? No worries! There’s a non-intrusive alternative option available here with us – Acupressure Massage.

Sharing a similar technique to the principle of acupuncture, Acupressure Massage promotes the flow of life energy through the “meridians”, or pathways, in your body. Instead of needles, our skilled practitioners use fingers, palms, elbows, feet or special devices to gently apply physical pressure on the acupuncture points on your body. This technique helps to restore your life energy flow back into proper balance.


If you prefer not to go for full-body massage but looking for the same whole body feel-good effects, you can go for Foot Reflexology. Foot Reflexology is the reflection of your organs and body parts to the various reflex points on your feet. It promotes better mood, better sleep, pain relief and relaxation. In treatment, our skilled reflexologists will apply firm pressure on specific reflex points on your foot which may induce healing response in your body. If you are ticklish, no worries! We will work within your comfort zone.


Remedial Massage is a practice from sports medicine for joint mobility and injury recovery in the musculoskeletal system. If you prefer a scientific evaluation of your body and muscles, then Remedial Massage is the treatment for you. In Remedial Massage, our skilled therapist will locate your problem areas systematically by massaging your body in stages. Then we will perform a targeted treatment to repair and boost healing on the damaged muscles. The pressure in Remedial Massage can range from strong to gentle. Please inform us of your pain threshold so we can work within your comfort zone.


Cupping Therapy shares the same principles as acupuncture. The purpose of Cupping is to draw blood to the skin surface. It helps in improving blood circulation, relieving muscle tension, and reducing inflammation. In treatment, our skilled practitioners will place special cups on your back. The cups will create suction on your skin from the cooling of the heated air in the cups. After 10 to 15 minutes, we will remove the cups from your back. The mild bruise on the treated area is from the expansion of blood vessels and it may disappear within few days after the session.